QMT Tech

Qmt tech ab is a manufacturer and supplier of fixed distribution systems for clean gases, liquids and other substances with customers such as hospitals, laboratories and industrial users. Thanks to long time experience and unique know-how in the management and operation of medical gas systems, Qmt is the market leader in the Nordic countries. The majority of the hospitals in the Nordic countries have deployed solutions provided by Qmt.

As a leader in development and deployment in its field, Qmt has a passion for R&D and innovation. Global cooperation with universities and standard organizations, together with its highly qualified employees, are keeping Qmt at the forefront of technology innovation and performance.

One of Europe’s most advanced hospitals; St. Olav in Trondheim, Norway, selected Qmt as their supplier for vacuum and medical gas systems. Qmt’s motto is: “total supply from source to end user and always a little bit better”. St. Olav’s hospital, which provides health care services in both somatic and mental health care, is also the University Hospital for Mid Norway. Qmt cooperates closel with the construction sector as well as with hospitals and their professionals.